Day 7 — Navarrete

We walked out of the Hotel Calle Mayor in Logrono this morning at 8:00. The sun was bright. The temperature was 50. A stiff breeze was blowing.

We walked all through the old city and the newer sections. Kids were walking and biking to school. The sidewalks were full of life. A group of about 25 buff, young runners went by. I tried to get a photo. Yikes, they were Guardia Civil. Can’t photograph the military. Thank goodness they did not take my iphone.

For 4 miles, we were in the heart if the city, then a city park and a linear park. Many folks, mostly not young, were exercise-walking out the trail and back.

The second half of our 8-mile distance today was less scenic and had more challenging hills. Nevertheless, it was a great day on the Camino.

We arrived in Navarrete, had some refreshments, checked in to the Villa de Navarrete, washed clothes, and now are sitting in the town square enjoying village-wide free Wifi.

several photos of the walk out of town are coming
i should not have taken this one

these workers were harvesting in the vineyards, heavy work
amazing grapes
where they make the wine
this glass of wine cost 80 euro cents!
our room at the Villa de Navarette
view from our room
spent the afternoon in this square doing blogging and art

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