Day 6 — Logrono

We gave ourselves a shorter walk today, about 6 miles, mostly level. Logrono is a lovely city and we wanted to soak it in. We arrived to fine a marathon ongoing and most of the street closed. People were cheering the runners from every intersection. I saw several runners stop to hug their fans. That was special :).

We spent most of our time wandering on the squares, stopping for coffee, washing clothes at our hotel, and enjoying the ambiance.

Leaving Viana about 8:00
The yellow flowers are abundant
Century plants and fig trees
Vineyards with distant mountains
ready for harvest!
Mural in a village park along the trail
Playing with our shadows
Rocky soil. Happily, not on the trail
The trail cut through a pine woods
Trail marker
Now THOSE are small backpacks!
Strange pine cones on the Logrono city park that welcomes us to town
Over the river and into the city
A pilgrim dinner of white asparagus, lamb chops, and local cheesecake specialty, with wine or water included…14 euros

Tomorrow, we are on our way to Navarette


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