Pamplona to Cirauqui-Day 1

as we left Pamplona, we walked past harvested fields with the sun over our shoulders

On our first day of walking we covered 10.6 miles, including climbing the Hill of Forgiveness. Lo and behold, our cares and worries we’re all blown away at the top. Our tired legs however, did not notice the forgiveness. They really ached on the way down the other side. Yikes are we ever tired. Our rooms at the Albergue Camino del Perdon in Uterga are on the third floor. Ugh, no lift. Now my clothes are washed and hanging to dry. I am showered and flat on my bed 🙂

on the trail
many pilgrims on the trail
could it be more beautiful!
at the top, I look much better than I felt! perhaps it was the joy of having gotten there, and the fact i had yet to start down the rocky steep downhill on the other side!
at the top!
the statues at the top
Potato rocks with about a 20% downhill slope!
will it never end!
hurray, the town where we are staying tonight
we stayed at this albergue—Camino del Perdon—some are bunk beds bit we have the two private rooms
communal dinner, we even sang Ultreia at the end, led by the French man in the red shirt

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