Day 11 — Villafranca in the Montes de Oca

We started the morning, very briefly, along the road again. The truckers redeemed themselves for sweeping away our energy yesterday. Today they honked, waved, and gave us a thumbs up to encourage us onward. Yay, Truckers.

The trail soon moved away from the road. The vistas were expansive. The villages were welcoming. We completed our 7+ miles by 1:00, washed clothes and hung them. Spent the rest of the afternoon painting and blogging.

Pam and James’ blog is

Seen as we walked out of Belorado this morning
leaving Belorado
made in-house cheesecake with last night’s dinner
Happy we were not sharing the other bridge with the truckers
great views all morning
hermitage of Our Lady of the Crag Luckily, not open for visitors because the climb looked not for us!
our room
NOT our room
see our socks drying with all the others
the garden where we worked on art in the afternoon
dining room at our alberguem
mystical morning fog
while we were trying to get coffee in the morning, a boar hunting club arrived … about 100 of them.

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