Day 10 — Belorado

Our 10-mile walk today began with a full buffet breakfast at the Paradore in Sant Domingo. The first half of the walk was wonderfully scenic. We went , in a blink, from vineyards and harvesting yesterday to fields of grain and tilling today. Near Granon, we wished we could take 360 degree photos of the fields and mountains.

views near Granon, where the sky and the earth energized us

The energy from the sky above lifted us up. The energy from the earth below buoyed our feet and legs. What a morning!

The second half of the walk continued with rolling hills covered by harvested fields. Unfortunately, the trail paralleled a major road, with abundant truck traffic. The road noise swept away the sky-energy and overroad the earth-energy.

too soon, the trail started to near the highway
miles and miles of road noise swished away much of the beauty of the hills

It was hard to hold onto the morning’s glory. We got tired and sore.

that bench was too low!

Of course, we are recovering quickly.

this is what a 49 euro room like like!
the shower was a pleasant challenge

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