Day 9 — Santo Domingo

Rain was forecast, however the morning was dry , overcast, and in the upper 50s. We walked up and through the red clay cliffs behind Najera. The scenery was special all day. First we had vineyards and red clay. Then we had harvest fields and long views of the trail and the pilgrims ahead of us

Leaving Najera on an overcast morning
the cliffs form
the back walls of some buildings
looking back on Najera as we climb the red cliffs
the trail out of town and beyond
vineyards continued to dominate the landscape; the harvest is in full force
about half way today, the landscape changed from cliffs and vineyards to distant mountains and harvested grain fields
tonight we have a pilgrim room in the Paradore in Santo Domingo
variety in lodgings!
we found a nice little bar for a snack and beer while we caught up on journaling and sketching. The owner is Danish and met his true love on the Camino so they opened a bar in the town where they met.

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