Day 4 in Estella and Los Arcos

We spent the morning exploring Estella and found a delightful woodworking shop as we walked the marble-lined streets. We flew over the mountain between Estella and Los Arcos on a magic carpet. Sweet ride.

After our morning in Estella, we spent the afternoon in Los Arcos. It was a delightful rest day, full of art and blogging, a visit to the church and its Black Madonna, the main square and the village portal.

the story of Jesus birth
the Church of San Miguel. it was the closest of four, all on hill tops
streets made of marble
they washed the toys with the kid’s clothes apparently
the river runs through Estella
We visited this woodworker’s shop. He was “old”, three years younger than us!
Celebrating James’ retirement in their room at the Agora Hostal, which was superb! Russ’ sister Phyllis gave is euros to have two bog celebrations on the Camino. This was the first
Us, at the party
The Agora also has albergue rooms with these wonderfully private bunks! we preferred our private rooms, but these are pretty special albergue rooms.
We had dinner at the Florida Bar in Estella
We spent the afternoon in Los Arcos blogging and doing art on the courtyard near our Hotel Monaco
Our room
The amazing church, with its Black Madonna
Many were waiting for the church’s food pantry to open
The town square on Los Arcos
Leaving through the village gate in the morning

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